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When you want to move to a different planet…

I wish I can just move to a different planet that hasn’t been tainted by colonialism. Between the constant racism and 45 deliberately committing treason on record on top of the constant rise of inflation and attacks on human rights it’s too much to handle at times.

History is repeating itself over and over. I really don’t understand how humans can be so vile. I can’t tell if this is 2018 or 1938. Yes we’ve made progress but it’s reversing faster than it was made.

Just take me to a place where everyone is truly equal in all ways. A place where there’s no such thing as discrimination in any form. A place where the food is real and not poisoned by pesticides. A place where I can live freely without being harassed…

I have to constantly remind myself, now more than ever, that there is a higher power that I can believe in…because humanity can and will fail at every turn in some form or another.


In this dark world there are people who are rays of light and are trying. To them I say thank you for giving hope.

To those who are partaking in discrimination and oppression, who are supporting this so called “president” and his antics, and who are actively caping for people who are known abusers in every sense of the word: karma does not discriminate at all. It always makes its rounds right on time.

There is a such thing as future generations paying for your sins. We will not sit idly while you try to tear us down.

No threats. Just warnings for what’s to come.

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Sorry not Sorry Kanye

Let’s be honest here for a second. This will be the last I ever speak of Kanye West. In my opinion he has lost his mind and there’s no coming back from it. His latest behavior has been appalling to say the least. Some may say it was just antics to get attention for his album.

Some may say he’s just being himself or whatever. But I call BS. For him to be a so called “genius” he could’ve done a lot better at figuring out ways to grab attention for his album. But he didn’t and here we are. His mother, Dr. Donda (may she Rest In Peace) can’t be too happy with what he is doing and saying.

He is not only a descendant of slaves but also of the Black Panther Party. So I don’t understand, nor do I care to at this point, how he can support the head POS in charge #45 and say slavery was “a choice”. In his own words HOW SWAY? This “new” Kanye is a complete 180 from the old Kanye. Of course as a human being you have every right to evolve as time goes on. But you’re supposed to get better and smarter not the opposite. At least that’s what I thought anyway.

I was a huge fan of his from College Dropout to Late Registration. Everything after that I couldn’t really get with. And I actually tried because I was a fan. By then it was the beginning of the end for me as a fan of his. I honestly felt hurt and angry when I learned that he supports a racist president and insulted my ancestors by saying slavery was a choice. False Prophets by J. Cole instantly came to mind. That song was prophetic in a way and aged well.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not one to put celebrities on a pedestal. I think we shouldn’t put people in that space because they’re not perfect and that’s okay because they’re human. But at the same time I believe that people with a platform should use their voices to help and not hurt.

I don’t think he realizes the harm he has done to his fans and the everyday people who don’t live in the celebrity bubble. By him saying “slavery was a choice”, another war has been ignited. He has now solidified what racist people have been thinking and saying for centuries. He has become a new one man minstrel show shucking and jiving to entertain the white folks.

I’m done. I will no longer support this guy. Everyone’s fav has shown his complete ass. There is no “separate the art from the person” in this case. What he’s done is detrimental and he doesn’t even realize it. I can’t even listen to the old Kanye without thinking about his behavior and his asinine statements. At this point I’m just going to have to delete everything.

Sorry not Sorry Kanye. You’ve lost a fan.

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Why Representation Matters: An Appreciation Post

This is an appreciation post to three of my favorite people who are strong forces to be reckoned with in the entertainment world.

Gabrielle Union

Viola Davis

Lupita Nyong’O

These three embody black excellence and black girl magic to the highest power. They are constant reminders of the fact that we need to embrace who we are fully. They are constant reminders of the fact that we can and will succeed while staying true to ourselves as black women.

They let us know that we can work hard and play harder while being unapologetically comfortable in our black skin. They lift us up in every way possible whether they know it or not. Their talent, brains, skin, hair, style, work ethic and humanity makes admiring these ladies so easy.

If you don’t respect them then you have a serious issue with yourself. Each of these ladies are unique in their talent and are inspiring future generations. Our girls who are coming up seeing women who look like them doing amazing things is needed now more than ever before. It especially means a lot to those who didn’t see too many black women in a positive light in the entertainment industry.

Lupita, Gabrielle and Viola are just a few who are doing great things by changing the standard of what beautiful is. Each one of them is beautiful inside and out. I admire every single one of these women who are picking up where their predecessors left off when it comes to standing up and being a voice for us. To them I say thank you.

And to those everyday women, like myself, who aren’t in the spotlight, striving to be the best you: keep going. Keep doing your thing. They hate to see us prosper and live our best lives. Be you 1000%. Be unapologetic about your blackness and your black skin. Embrace everything about yourself. There’s only one you.

Keep the black girl magic going.

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Tired, Living While Black

It’s amazing how black people and people of color move through and prosper through this trash society. Literally everything is against us at every turn. But still we continue to create. We still continue to work. We still continue to live. We are literally the strongest people on this earth…and the most hated.

White fragility is very real. White privilege is very real. As we’ve seen in the past, these last two weeks specifically, we literally cannot exist because a white person feels “uncomfortable” or feels “unsafe” when they see us for merely existing, not bothering anyone. White people will call the cops for anything and everything because they know they will be protected no questions asked. A white woman can shed one tear and she will be protected no questions asked.

It’s not fair and hasn’t been fair. Black people are born with an unfair advantage because of this trash society. One thing I know is that karma always comes back around. All of these people who are acting as if they are invincible, the ancestors will wreak havoc on them in some way, shape or form.

Living in this society is exhausting. There are too many people who leave their homes thinking “will I make it back home?” “I hope I don’t run into the police today.” “I hope no one calls the police on me today.” “I hope I don’t get profiled today.” EVERY SINGLE DAY WE ARE LIVING LIKE THIS. On top of the many other stresses of life, this is what it is to be black in America. For centuries we have been dealing with racism in every shape. WE ARE TIRED.

There is a lingering anger that has been brewing for generations. We’ve turned our pain into art. We continue to make strides and navigate through a racist society that doesn’t care about us even in the slightest way. We are telling our own stories. But people still want to exploit us in every way possible. It’s a constant fight for our own humanity.

A white person can never live a day in our shoes even on their best day. If I came from a people who stole everything from other people and have no culture of my own I would be highly embarrassed. Black people are the creators, the innovators. Yet we literally have to pray that we can live another day in a racist, hateful world.


This is America.

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The Importance of Black Panther

Originally written: 2/16/2018 (right after I saw the movie)


Black Panther is a black, beautiful, and amazing movie to say the least. Shuri is my favorite if I had to pick one. But the entire cast did beyond amazing in every scene. Madam General Okoye is a badass in every sense of the word. I was in aw literally from beginning to end. I don’t even remember blinking that much because I was so engulfed in everything. The plot twists had perfect timing. This movie had a perfect mix of futurism and realism. The sprinkles of real African traditions and tribes were perfect in every way. Michael B. Jordan played the hell out of his role as the villain. Killmonger and Cottonmouth (Luke Cage) are the only 2 villains that I’ve actually liked because of the actors’ portrayal. I loved everything about this movie. I would see it as many times as I can. When you leave the theater with a sense of pride and feeling on top of the world, the creators have done something right. Ryan Coogler is a genius and I hope he continues to tell our stories. Black Panther is our history. For us by us.

Additional thoughts (5/4/2018):

I still feel the same after my second viewing and months after this movie changed the world. I didn’t really think representation mattered as much as I should have until I saw my now favorite Marvel movie, Black Panther. This movie has so many layers and emotions that flowed effortlessly. Thanks to the writers and actors respectively, every line was clearly well thought out and relatable in some form or another. Every single detail was done meticulously and on purpose. I could go on for days about this one movie because that’s how long it would take to go through and really reflect and think about the why’s, how’s, what’s and everything in between. And honestly I’m okay with it because well the nerd in me likes this kinds of stuff. We need to protect the geniuses behind this movie at all costs. If Marvel wants to continue to have success with (potential) Black Panther sequels they need to continue to have black writers, actors and directors tell our story. If they want Coogler back it would be smart of them to let him create on his own time and give him whatever he needs to make another brilliant film because, obviously, he can and will deliver. This is of course based on if he even wants to do another Black Panther film. I won’t lie I hope he does but if he doesn’t I would respect that too. He could really retire off of the success of BP alone if he wanted to. But I hope he doesn’t. His mind is too sharp to leave us hanging when we need his art in this current time. This movie has made history in more ways than one. It deserves all of the awards it will be nominated for.

To every single person who worked on this historical film, Thank you a million times. I hope you’re proud of yourselves because you have made millions of people proud, including myself. You deserve every good thing coming to you. Black Panther is a timeless film.

For Us. By Us. No apologies.

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You know you have real friends when they remind you to get back to working on your craft. To my real friends who do this to keep me on track, I’m forever in your debt because when you do this you show me that you care deeply and want to see me win. THANK YOU! In turn I for sure want to see everyone in my small circle win because when one of us wins we all do. There’s so many things I wanna do but lately life has happened. Work, family, extra activities all eat up time really quick. But this is the very reason why you need those who push/remind you that you need to get back to your craft in your life. Whether it’s through a quick text or a phone conversation or an in person conversation, don’t underestimate how vital this is not only to your craft but for your overall well being. Today I was reminded that I need to get back on track and I love my sister/friend for that. Stuff happens. We’re not perfect. But that’s okay. Just don’t ditch your craft/goals for good. Always come back.

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New Years Blues

I wonder, a lot, why no one wants to date me. That’s what it feels like anyway. Often times the thoughts of what am I doing wrong or what’s wrong with me linger in my head for weeks. Year after year I hope my luck would change but it hasn’t. I’ve had to battle depression and anxiety over this among other things. It may not seem like a big deal to most but it matters to me. Especially since everything around me is a constant reminder that I’m alone. Nobody wants to be alone forever. A lot of times it feels like I’m going to be. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy for those around me that are in relationships, married or on their way to be married. But when is it going to be my turn? I can’t even get a single date let alone someone to actually like me for me. I don’t know what to think or do anymore. It just seems like I can’t have any type of luck and I feel like that’s pathetic. I’m almost 30. It saddens me a lot. The nagging from my mom about it makes me feel even worse. Sometimes it paralyzes me to where I don’t want to get out of bed. I so badly want to tell her no one wants me. As this year closes I’m reminded that I’ll be bringing in another year alone. I really don’t want to give up but my hope is hanging by a very thin thread at this point. I’ll just try to continue to work on myself one day at a time God willing.

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Growing Up is Hard…

When you grow up seeing and dealing with stuff that you didn’t ask for, it’s hard to not be jaded at some point in your life. At 27 I just now hit the acceptance stage. I’m getting older and I am realizing more and more how heavy those burdens that have been weighing on my back have been. As they say hindsight is 20/20. If that’s not the truth I don’t know what is. At this stage of my life I want to be in a healthy relationship that will lead to marriage and God willing a family. But I have to let go and accept that the past is the past. Maybe it’s out of fear that it took me so long to get here. I didn’t want to be like people before me. I at one point hated my parents for the environment that I grew up in. Til this day I’m still dealing with anger and resentment towards my parents for dealing with stuff I didn’t even ask for. Nothing was my fault. I didn’t ask to be stuck in the middle of two grown people who didn’t know how to communicate, especially when it came to me. I didn’t ask to grow up in a separate house from my younger sisters. I didn’t ask for all of those empty promises that my dad told me up until I was 25 years old. I didn’t ask to move around every other year up until I was 15 because my mom was in the army following the man she married who was also in the army only to get divorced before I even turned 15. I didn’t ask for any of that on top of the failed relationships outweighing the successful ones I saw growing up. None of that was my fault but I was the one that was most affected by all of it. So yeah I was jaded for a while especially when it came to relationships with men. I’ve only been in 2 relationships, both failed. Cheated on by one and dumped by the other. A lot of times I wish I didn’t have to grow up the way I did. I know some people have had it way worse than I did but I can only tell my story. My very complicated story of unfairness that I didn’t ask for. But I’m finally accepting that what’s done is done. I always say that there’s a reason for me being the way that I am. I’m very guarded but still learning how to open up…to some people not all. I keep to myself but I’m observant. The last thing you’ll do is think you can step all over me and get away with it. I guess in a way being jaded has made me realize that I’m a lot stronger and smarter than I give myself credit for and that I no longer have a problem with standing up for myself. Because we all know that speaking up for yourself in the black family is considered talking back and being disrespectful. That will be one of the many dynamics that I will change if I have my own family one day. I refuse to let my kids grow up the way I did. 

Growing is hard…but it’s needed.

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Black TV is Winning…and I’m here for it

Black television is winning…and I’m not talking about black actors and actresses solely having a leading roles. I’m talking about black television in its entirety: leading roles, supporting roles, writing, production, and directing. 

(Issa Rae is a genius!)

Let me tell you that I am here for all of it. It is about damn time that these talented people get the respect that’s long overdue. We are telling our own stories, doing it our way. How can you not love that? If you can’t respect it then I can’t respect you. 

(Atlanta is one of the most relatable shows ever created. Thanks Donald Glover!)

Representation is one of the most important things to black audiences. So the fact that we not only have great actresses and actors, we have amazing writers, producers and directors. Combine all of those talents on one project, you get black excellence to the tenth power. 

We are doing it on our terms…like I said before I’m here for all of it. Salute to every single person of color trying to make it in the entertainment business. It’s hard enough being an everyday black person so to be successful in a small minded business like Hollywood you need all of the support you can get. 

(Who wouldn’t love a bulletproof black superhero?)

Luckily we are seeing more and more people of color paving the way for the next, in front of and behind the camera. It’s inspirational and uplifting. I don’t know about you but I love seeing my people telling my story. It’s a reminder of the humanity we get stripped of daily. 

We are only getting better. But we have to continue to support on every level; from your own backyard to Hollywood. We have the power so let’s continue the progress!
***Every show pictured in this post are a few of the shows I am truly a fan of.***

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History Repeats Itself

I will never understand why we still have to say black lives matter. Is it 2017 or 1950? These days I can’t tell. Race relations are as alive today as they were back then. 



If all lives truly mattered there wouldn’t be a black lives matter movement. Point blank. This is not and will never be up for debate. Now more than ever people have the need to open their mouths to spew out hate openly thinking there won’t be any consequences because of a certain ass clown that got elected as president somehow. 

But listen up. I’m not the one. Nor will I ever be. I treat people as humans first until someone wants to say/do something stupid regarding a person’s  appearance to an innocent person or persons. These are trying times and we have to stand up for what’s right bottom line. I have to hold myself and those who I associate with accountable at all times. 


Why is it that I have to walk around on guard even more now? Not only do I have to look out for egotistical, entitled “men” everywhere I go, but I also have to be on guard for the racists assholes (men and women) who feel like they have to share their unsolicited opinions. 

I have zero tolerance for a lot more now that I’m getting older. Even the slightest hint of something derogatory or racist or anything similar gets nipped right then and there. I don’t owe anybody anything and I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. A lot of people don’t realize that I can and will hold my own even if I’m standing by myself. People constantly make the assumption oh I’m just a kid I don’t know anything. 

NEWS FLASH. You should never assume anything about anyone because 9 times out of 10 you’re wrong. Especially with me because I’m grown as hell and far from an idiot. More importantly, I’m just getting started. I will forever be a student and a teacher of my culture. Those who don’t like it can keep it moving. Far away from me. 

I’m tired of seeing my people being mistreated and murdered for something as simple as their skin color. We get made fun of for creating new things and then get them stolen from us. When will the hate end? We created the world yet we are the most hated people on the planet. 

But we still keep going. You can’t tell me that black people aren’t the strongest as they come. We have endured the most. And we are still dealing with centuries of embedded hate of every kind in every way. But we are tired. It’s 2017 and we STILL aren’t t treated as human beings. We are STILL FIGHTING.

My generation has risen. We have an absolute zero tolerance for racism and discrimination. We aren’t brainwashed by the bs “news” that the big media companies spits out daily. Our eyes are wide open and we are teaching our children that they can make a difference and to love themselves unapologetically. We’ve come a long way but we still have a long way to go because the powers that be are teaching generational hate down the line. 

We have the power. We just have to use it. We can’t turn on each other and spew out hate against our own. That’s not an option. Not now not ever. We make our own standard. Stop looking to others to see if you fit theirs.