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A Note to the Men of #blackboyjoy

Dear Chance the Rapper, Luke James, Algee Smith, Woody Mclain, Elijah Kelley, Keith Powers,  and Yazz the Greatest,

Thank you for representing #blackboyjoy. You have made it cool to be genuinely happy black men in your own ways. I’m sure that by being yourselves you have inspired countless others to do the same thing. Most of all, you have made it cool to support your brothers, young and old, whole heartedly. To me that’s what counts the most. It truly is a wonder to see all of you fine men embracing the being that you are inside and out in positive way (the power of melanin).

Now more than ever our community needs that. Not to discredit those who have been doing this, but you guys are the most recent example (celebrity wise) of true black boy joy that I’ve witnessed and it’s great. It’s not just a trend or a hashtag. You really live it. Your talents are amazing individually and even better when collaborating with others. I hope that you continue to spread the love you have for yourselves and for each other.

You inspire us all to love more and hate less. When we do this our whole community wins. I love to see my people win especially when the world tells us that we can’t. Keep supporting each other and keep showing us that it’s okay to support and uplift one another.



A proud fan for life



(Note: the New Edition mini series is one of the greatest biopics ever created and Chance is one of the greatest figures of my generation because of what he stands for. These are very talented black men and they are so fine. You can’t not like them.)




Human. Woman. Black. Artist. Athlete.

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