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Being the person I didn’t Have When I was Growing Up…

I finally realized the bigger parts of the reason why I’m on this earth. Why God hasn’t given up on me. Why I’m becoming a better person for myself. It’s because I’m becoming the person that I didn’t have growing up. Even when it seems like I don’t get the genuine support I give, I have to remember God always sees what’s been given. The saying goes something like “you get what you put out” but is that always true? I don’t know. A lot of times I feel like I just need to fall back and see who’s really supportive and actually notice that I’ve fallen back. From experience of doing this I’ve learned to take everything with a grain of salt at this point. As my granny always said “God sees you. You work for Him not man”. I’m noticing that more and more. He made me able to stand alone when I have to…and lately that seems to be the norm. No offense to those who I know/support but I know who truly has my back when I feel this way.

So huge THANK YOU to those who actually notice and forgive me for not saying it enough. And to those who don’t/barely support me…it’s cool. I don’t do things to expect something back. That’s not me. But I do take notes. I am truly thankful for the ones who genuinely support me and all my craziness and I pray that they will continue to be in my corner like I will always be in theirs. Those in and outside of my bloodline. Everyone you’re related to isn’t family and everyone you know aren’t your friends. It took me years to finally realize this. I’ll always love my family because that’s just how I am. Even if they don’t love me back. I’ll always love my TRUE friends because they’ve loved me back.



Human. Woman. Black. Artist. Athlete.

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