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Past Thoughts That Are Still Relevant

Written: 7/7/2016

I’m exhausted. Mentally and now physically. I’m tired of seeing my people die everyday now at the hands of “cops”. When will it ever end? Why do I have to prove my humanity every second of everyday? Better question why is it even questioned in the first place? I come from a culture that is the most imitated and the most hated at the same time. That doesn’t even make sense to me. I wanna know who/what is training is like in the current police academy across the country b/c they all seem to have one common goal. “They kill our fathers then make fun of us for not having them in our lives”. Why is it that I can’t walk outside for even a second without anxiety, stress and worry for myself let alone other family members and friends because someone doesn’t like the color of my skin or what I look like. All of those things become heightened to a whole other level because I am a woman. Imagine having to live like that for a lifetime. And y’all expect me to bring kids into this world? Black kids at that. If I have a child(ren) and they are harmed in any way and I mean any there’s going to be hell to pay bottom line. There have been too many lives lost because of senseless violence because we were born with melanin. We continually get something stolen from us on a daily basis. I’m tired of it. The first one to tell me to not be “an angry black woman” will get cut off for life. I refuse to deal with that nonsense any longer. You don’t like it get the hell on. I can and have done well on my own two feet. As long as I got God I’m good. He will put the right people in my life even if it’s just one or two. I’m tired of saying I’m tired of this. If you can’t empathize and respect my opinion you will be cut off. Done deal. The fact that we still have to repeat this same message that’s been repeated constantly for centuries is the very problem. We’ve made progress and that’s what scares these racists. But we have to keep going forward and not backward. We can no longer afford to go back anymore. History has repeated itself for way too long. The institution of racism needs to be destroyed and history books need to be rewritten with the truth. So STOP SAYING RACISM DOES NOT EXIST b/c it does.

Written: 7/8/2016

YOU’RE NOT GOING TO MAKE ME APOLOGIZE FOR THE SKIN THAT I WAS BORN IN. You can’t constantly steal my culture, my inventions, my family, my friends, my brothers, my sisters, my music and style without a fight.

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE ME APOLOGIZE FOR THE SKIN IM IN. My people are human, warriors, soldiers, kings, queens, creators and innovators. Most of all UNAPOLOGETIC for being great. 

We get torn down on a daily basis. For what? Because we are “feared”. Because we are a “threat”. But we are the most imitated and stolen from. Does that make any sense? NOT AT ALL. We are just trying to make it like everyone else. But we are not everyone else. WE ARE GREAT. WE ARE AMAZING. WE ARE QUEENS. WE ARE KINGS. 

We won’t be stopped no matter how much they try to exterminate us. 




Human. Black. Artist. Athlete.

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