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To My Hometown Hero


(Taken after listening to the album for the first time)

To the Hometown Hero who writes, produces and performs his own aka Mr. Jermaine,

You are one of the few males that I can look up to for entertainment, knowledge, and pride all at the same time. I was born in the same city that you are from (Ft. Bragg to be exact). You share the same birthday as my grandmother that I was named after. I too lived in Germany and come from a military family. While these things may seem minor to most, to me they’re huge because it’s cool for me to talk about these things thanks to you. You are the only artist that I have things in common with and to me that makes the music set in a little deeper. I know I’m not the only one who has these things in common with you but I can only speak on my behalf. You gave us a voice when we didn’t have one. Now more than ever when I mention Fayetteville people instantly say “J. Cole!”. (A lot of people still think “Fayettenam” is the actual name of the city. I kinda laugh it off and tell them that’s just a nickname for not so good reasons.)

Every word you’ve ever rapped about college I either went through myself or knew someone who did. (I was in college when Friday Night Lights came out.) Other various topics you’ve talked about over the four albums and multiple mixtapes I’ve somehow related to in each of the projects you put out. You are the only artist I’ve watched in concert multiple times and have literally enjoyed each show to the fullest. You sir are a legend. Dreamville is a movement that is only getting stronger with each artist you sign. Very few artists, in my opinion, can reach peoples minds and hearts equally. You are human with a gift that speaks into others’ gifts. We as true fans respect the growth and appreciate the past at the same time with your work. For me personally, somehow each album was the sound track to real life events and experiences during their respective release years. I don’t know how but it literally felt like you were telling my life story in some way. No other artist has been able to do that through their music for me. This is why you are my favorite now and forever, even if or when you decide to retire. (Part of me hopes not but a bigger part of me would understand and respect it).

I hope your family is proud of you. Especially your mom, who passed down her greatness(because moms are badass). More so, I hope you are proud of you. Dreamville has some of the most loyal and real fans out there. We bond over how much we relate to the music that is being made under this movement, by all artists involved. You’ve started a legacy that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Everything you’ve spoken has come to life. So I take after this example and apply it to my own life. You remind us that everything will happen when it’s supposed to. You remind us to keep going when we wanna stop. You also entertain us as well as teach us something new. You remind us that you are human and so are we. You remind us that we are legends in our own ways whether we become famous or not. The biggest reminder that I will take away is to be myself no matter what. I have been given the strength to stand on my own but I also know that I always don’t have to. So Thank You to you and Dreamville for the music and knowledge and inspiration. I will always continue to support my favorite movement.

Friday Night Lights is forever my favorite mixtape and 2014 Forest Hills Dr. will forever be my favorite album.



A lifetime fan from the ‘ville.




Human. Woman. Black. Artist. Athlete.

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