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The Late Message

“It’s easier to raise a confident child than fix a broken adult..”(my own take of a saying that I recently heard that made total sense to me). 

To the little black and brown girls and boys that are growing up at this moment be you 1000% everyday, all day. Live in your truth no matter what. Love the skin you’re in. Love the natural state of your hair. If you want to do something do it because you want to not because someone else wants you to. You are not a threat. Your skin is not a threat. You are here for a reason.

This is my message to you as well as myself. This is a message that I didn’t learn until the beginning stages of adulthood. Sadly I didn’t learn this as a child or even a teenager. A lot of times I often think had I been taught this growing up I would think differently. But I can’t dwell on the past. Especially not now. I’ve always been a “late bloomer” (as I used to call myself) anyway. But now I realize that God made me the way I am for a reason and nothing is really “late” it’s just my time. I fought hard to get passed that and I’m finally on the winning side of that battle. 

But it doesn’t mean that insecurity is completely erased out of my mind. It just means I know how to fight it effectively. So if I ever become a mother (I’m sure I’ll be an aunt before then but I’m okay with that) I will make sure that my child will learn confidence early rather than late. That is my number one mission if I don’t teach anything else. If for some reason I don’t birth any kids of my own, my future cousins, nephews, nieces and godchildren will get this same lesson. 

As long as I am alive and have influence, I will make it my number one priority to show/teach confidence to tomorrows leaders because confidence affects anything and everything and the last thing this world needs is more broken adults who have to unlearn everything that was taught to them.



Human. Woman. Black. Artist. Athlete.

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