Be Your Own Biggest Fan

Over the last few years I’ve learned not to look for or depend on others to have the same enthusiasm/excitement as you when it comes to personal accomplishments. Even close family members can and will shoot down your dreams…if you let them. 9 times/10 if its something that they don’t believe in, agree with or even support it will show in their faces and definitely come out in their so called “oh that’s cool” expression. You could be so excited about something, like a new job opportunity for example, one minute and the next you could feel so small because the excitement isn’t reciprocated from that person you told. Then criticism and comparison follows. Instead of that person or persons being at least a little excited for you, your parade is being rained on because they aren’t happy with their own lives or they say you should have done something else or many other reasons. I have experienced this first hand and it doesn’t feel good at all. Maybe it had to do with my self esteem or maybe I just wanted some genuine support or maybe I was just reading into it too deep. Only God knows why I felt a certain way. But not anymore. I had to learn this lesson through experience or “the hard way”. I learned that I have to be my own biggest fan. I have to be confident in my choices that are going to catapult me into my destiny as well as learn from my mistakes. If I let others’ feelings overpower my own then I will never be happy and I will always look for confirmation. That’s no way to live. I stand alone for a reason: I can and will hold my own against a crowd; even against family members. So in all everyone has to find their unique solution to this experience. Mine is telling little to no one at all about my future endeavors; releasing as little details as possible if anyone truly wants to know what my future plans are. My work will speak for itself in due time and everything will come to light. Those who genuinely support will understand the methods to the madness. In the words of my favorite artist “If they don’t know your dreams they can’t shoot ’em down”.

Lesson Learned.

Where Do I Begin?

Where do I begin? I have so many thoughts about what is going on at this very moment in my life and in this world I live in. I’m black. I’m a woman. I have problems like everyone else. Eventually you get tired of being judged, talked about, talked down to, and mistreated because of my appearance alone. Let me tell you something. You should NEVER assume anything about anyone at anytime. I am a living example of why you shouldn’t do this ever in your life of living on this earth. People try to talk down to me for many reasons,  the main one being the way I look because I don’t look my age….that is until I open my mouth and shut it down really quick and leave them feeling as small as an ant. That’s just one of the many issues I have with today’s society. This society is so unnecessarily judgmental and hateful towards women and people of color. And I happen to be a part of both of those groups. Nowadays its more frustrating than ever because people assume and make judgements rather than educate themselves. I’m tired of having to prove myself everyday that I am a lot more than what you see on the surface. Again this is unnecessary from every angle that you look at it. It’s exhausting on every level.

Welcome to My Mind

This blog is based on my own thoughts and no one else’s. It will be used as a venting tool to express anything and everything that comes to mind. Opinions and thoughts  are welcome but at the same time this is a judge-free zone. These thoughts are my own. My mind is simple yet complex. Readers will see the world through double minority eyes and hopefully learn something new. Let’s begin the journey.